Them: Horror Film History — Horror Films in the 1920s

Silent horror movie classics (1890s-1920s) - from the earliest spook tales to The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Nosferatu, The Golem, Häxan

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10 Delightfully Spooky True Ghost Stories and Tales of the. 10 Delightfully Spooky True Ghost Stories and Tales of the Supernatural. A handpicked collection of haunting tales. From morgue doors that mysteriously open of their.

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Writing the Supernatural Thriller: How to Turn Old Fables. My fascination with all things supernatural started at an alarmingly early age. I remember staying up way past my bedtime, huddled under my comforter,

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Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (Modern Library. Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (Modern Library) [Phyllis Cerf Wagner, Herbert Wise] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When this.

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Supernatural and the Occult - Monster Librarian The Monster Librarian Presents: Reviews of Supernatural and Occult Themed Books. Things that go bump in the night, flashing lights, furniture that moves by itself.

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Tales of Horror | Scary Website - Scary For Kids Short tales of horror and the supernatural. Read bloodcurdling stories of classic suspense, murder, mystery and the macabre. Tales of Horror - Hot Summer.

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Supernatural Films - Supernatural Films: These are films that have themes including gods or goddesses, ghosts, apparitions, spirits, miracles, and other similar ideas or depictions of.

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Horror fiction - Wikipedia Horror is a genre of speculative fiction which is intended to, or has the capacity to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers or viewers by inducing feelings.

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Supernatural (season 2) - Wikipedia The second season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on September 28, 2006, and concluded on May 17, 2007.