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Retour à Cold Mountain (Cold Mountain) est un film américain réalisé par Anthony Minghella sorti en 2003 ; il est tiré du livre du même titre écrit par Charles.

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Ritorno a Cold Mountain - Wikipedia Wikiquote contiene citazioni da Ritorno a Cold Mountain; Collegamenti esterni. Sito ufficiale, su Ritorno a Cold Mountain, su Il mondo dei doppiatori.


Cold Mountain | Netflix This drama follows a wounded Civil War soldier making the long journey home, while his faraway love fights for survival on her deceased father's farm.


Cold Mountain (2003) - IMDb In the waning days of the American Civil War, a wounded soldier embarks on a perilous journey back home to Cold Mountain, North Carolina to reunite with his sweetheart.


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Cold Mountain (2003) - Rotten Tomatoes Inman, a Civil War Confederate soldier, is seriously wounded in battle before heading home to North Carolina to his pre-war beloved, Ada. In his absence, Ada--with.


Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier - Cold Mountain [Charles Frazier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In 1997, Charles Frazier’s debut novel Cold Mountain made publishing.